Brew Network Automation Portal

Employee Engagement

Set up a weekly coffee membership for that special human in your life. Rather then redeeming from one cafe, the recipient can redeem coffees from our community of top cafes.

Never miss a family members or friends birthday again by automating your gifts digitally.

Automate a round of coffees, beers or wine vouchers for top local venues in their neigbourhood, with a personalised message attached, and let them know you’re thinking of them. Even if they’re on the other side of Australia!

Send via sms or email.

Employee Engagement

Your  membership not only supports our local and independent venues, it helps our start up continue to grow into other cities around the globe and build software solutions for small businesses in our community to thrive.

How does the Automation Portal work?

Creating a coffee allowance or automated gift for employees and clients
Brew Network Web Portal Icon

1.) Apply for a Brew Network membership and use your mobile number and 4 digit PIN to access.

Brew Network web portal sending coffees to staff

2.) Create a recurring brew for a staff member or client. Schedule a weekly or monthly coffee allowance or a gift once a year.

3.) On the schedule you’ve set, the recipient will automatically receive the voucher and your message to their smartphone or email, in the form of a convenient digital voucher.

4.) The recipient shows their redeem code in the Brew Network mobile app at a participating café, bar or restaurant and the brew is theirs!

Brew Network Business Membership

Select the subscription level to meet your company’s specific needs