Let's work together. We have a lot to offer. We are local and independent too.

0% Commission and no subscription fees.

Let’s work together. We have a lot to offer. We are local and independent too.

0% Commission and no subscription fees.

How Brew Network Partners With Hospitality Venues

1. User Pre-pays

A user pre-pays for a coffee, beer or wine in the Brew Network App.

2. User Sends To A Friend

The user selects a recipient from their phone contacts, then writes a personalised message to send with the brew.

3. Recipient Receives Voucher

The recipient instantly receives a message with the voucher for the brew and finds a participating Brew Network Partner Venue in their local area.

4. Validate + Prepare

The recipient shows their voucher at your venue and you instantly validate it with your Brew Network Partner Account. Payment is automatically transferred to your business and the new customer claims their brew.

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‘Support Your Local’ is a feature within the app that allows users to directly support your business.

New and existing customers can send products to their friends that can only be claimed at your venue, essentially ‘backing’ your business.

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Why Brew Network?

What's in it for my hospitality business?

Your success is our success. Our software engineers are constantly testing, improving and adding new features to the Brew Network app to help attract new customers to your business and grow your weekly sales.

Additional benefits

No cancellation fees! If you set up an account and after a few months find it’s not a great suit for your business, that’s not a problem. We’re flexible and we don’t charge cancellation fees.

We're as local as you are

Brew Network is a collaborative project developed in West Perth, by members of Cleaver Street Co-working Studio. We love Australia’s hospitality community and we want to build tools to see independent hospo continue to thrive.


Get Started in Just 3 Steps

1.  Click ‘Join Brew Network’ and complete the online form.

2. Quick meet-up with one of our reps.

3. Start collecting paymets within 3 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brew Network?

Brew Network is an iOS/Android mobile app and web app that makes it easy for users to send coffees, wines and beers to their contacts.

With a personalised message attached, the recipient can then redeem the voucher from Brew Network Partnered Venues in their local area.

Brew Network is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, and a powerful community engagement/networking/HR tool for small business owners and companies.

What are the charges?

There are no subscription fees for venues to become a partner, instead we charge 8% on product items.

Users of the Brew Network app pay a flat fee for coffees, beers and wines at $5.40*, $12.00 and $14.00 respectively.

Brew Network pays venues 92% of the product price from sales within the app.

For example, a user purchases a coffee within the app for $5.40, the cafe the product is claimed from will receive $4.96 and Brew Network receives $0.44.

Our service fee helps cover connecting you to our network, payment processing and telecommunications fees.


*Price based on local averages for 12oz takeaway coffee. Soy/almond milks etc. and extra shots not included.

How are vouchers claimed?

A Brew Network user will receive a voucher to their mobile phone app or via email. They will present their voucher to a Brew Network Partner venue.

The staff at the venue will validate the code using the simple code checker in the Brew Network Partner App. If the code is valid, the venue will then issue the corresponding product to the user (coffee, beer or wine).

Payment to the venue will be automatically transferred to their linked Stripe Connect account.

How long does it take to become a Brew Network Partner?

From application to accepting payments will take approximately 1 – 3 business days.

Once you’ve registered your businesses details with Brew Network, we will organise an onsite meeting with one of our Onboarding Specialists to walk you through the app and answer any additional questions you or your staff may have.

You can begin the process by signing up here. We’re looking forward to partnering with your business.

Do I need anything else to get started?

You will need either an iPad or android tablet or smartphone next to your till (If you are not using one already as you POS).

Once you’ve been signed up as a Brew Network Partner and we’ve linked your bank account with Stripe Connect, you’re ready to start taking sales.

If you don’t have a point of sale tablet at the counter, any member of staff can validate voucher codes quickly and securely from their own smartphones with log in details provided.

Terms and Conditions for Brew Network
View our Terms and Conditions here, or get in touch with one of our onboarding specialists for a full copy of our Brew Network Partner Agreement.