Do your team members go above and beyond? Shout them a coffee with Brew Network.

Employees should be rewarded for accomplishments both big and small, but while larger accomplishments can be acknowledged with pay rises and promotions, how do you celebrate your employees’ day-to-day wins each week?

Brew Network is an app that provides the simple means of shouting someone a coffee, attached with a friendly message sent direct to their mobile or email as a convenient digital voucher.

Our latest offering is the Brew Network Business Scheduling Tool, to automate coffee sending.

Use it to set up a weekly coffee allowance as part of your employee wellness inititative, automatically send employees a brew on their birthday or kickstart the week with a coffee round sent out after each Monday morning team meeting. All automated and managed through our hassle-free web portal.

How does the Scheduling Tool work?

Creating a coffee allowance or automated gift for employees and clients
Brew Network Web Portal Icon

1.) Apply for a Brew Network Web Portal and use your mobile number and 4 digit PIN to access.

Brew Network web portal sending coffees to staff

2.) Create a recurring brew for a staff member or client. Schedule a weekly or monthly coffee allowance or a gift once a year.

3.) On the schedule you’ve set, the recipient will automatically receive the voucher and your message to their smartphone or email, in the form of a convenient digital voucher.

4.) The recipient shows their redeem code in the Brew Network mobile app at a participating café, bar or restaurant and the brew is theirs!

Brew Network Business Subscriptions

Select the subscription level to meet your company’s specific needs