Brew Network Automation Portal

Brew Network transforms appreciation into action, offering a seamless platform for sending coffee, wine, or beer vouchers to your teams and clients – redeemed in our community of local venues, sent directly to their phone or email.

Simple to use, effortless to manage – it’s more than a perk; its a statement that you value their contribution and relationship.

Use it to set up a weekly coffee allowance as part of your employee wellness initiative, automatically send employees a round of coffee on birthdays or make sure your top clients are thinking of you with a couple of wines at the end of the year for their local wine bar.

All automated and managed in our hassle-free online portal.

Do your team members go above and beyond? Shout them a coffee with Brew Network.

Employees should be rewarded for accomplishments both big and small, but while larger accomplishments can be acknowledged with pay rises and promotions, how do you celebrate your employees’ day-to-day wins each week?

Brew Network is an app that provides the simple means of shouting someone a coffee, attached with a friendly message sent direct to their mobile or email as a convenient digital voucher.

How does the Automation Portal work?

Creating a coffee allowance or automated gift for employees and clients
Brew Network Web Portal Icon

1.) Apply for a Brew Network membership and use your mobile number and 4 digit PIN to access.

Brew Network web portal sending coffees to staff

2.) Create a recurring brew for a staff member or client. Schedule a weekly or monthly coffee allowance or a gift once a year.

3.) On the schedule you’ve set, the recipient will automatically receive the voucher and your message to their smartphone or email, in the form of a convenient digital voucher.

4.) The recipient shows their redeem code in the Brew Network mobile app at a participating café, bar or restaurant and the brew is theirs!

Brew Network Business Membership

Select the subscription level to meet your company’s specific needs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brew Network?

Our software tool allows companies to build relationships with employees, clients and customers by creating personalised messages attached with gifts from local, independent cafes and small bars. 

It can be used for staff reward and recognition programs, in the form of a coffee allowance/membership. Create touch points with clients throughout the year to drive more sales. Grow a business network by nurturing relationships with high impact, low cost product. 

Successful businesses and creatives are now optimising for connections instead of views. Brew Network is positioned well to leverage off this shift from personal branding to community branding.

In the future we plan to expand our offering by developing an API for Brew Network which will allow us to integrate with middle-ware like Zapier. This will enable our users to connect Brew Network with many different softwares. Eg. Xero, ServiceM8, Asana, Slack, SalesForce, Mailchimp, Calendly, CRM’s and Employee Management Systems, Shopify.

Think – sending a coffee to a new email subscriber, sending a coffee to a user abandoning an ecommerce shopping cart, sending some wines once an invoice has settled in Xero.

Who uses Brew Network?

Brew Network is an excellent tool for CEO’s, team leaders, business development managers, small business owners, HR Managers, HR Consultants and sales teams.

What are the charges?

Users of Brew Network pay a flat fee for coffees, beers and wines at $5.90*, $12.00 and $14.00 respectively.

Partner venues receive 92% of the product sales (After merchant and telecomunication fees).

Our service fee helps cover connecting you to our network, payment processing and telecommunications fees.

A tierd monthly or annual subscription fee is charged in addition in order to automate sending via our Web App.


*Price based on local averages for 12oz takeaway coffee with alternative milk option included and subject to ongoing market adjustment.

How are vouchers claimed?

A Brew Network user will receive a voucher to their mobile phone app or via email. They will present their voucher to a Brew Network Partner venue.

The staff at the venue will validate the code using the simple code checker in the Brew Network Partner App. If the code is valid, the venue will then issue the corresponding product to the user (coffee, beer or wine).

Payment to the venue will be automatically transferred to their linked Stripe Connect account.

Is Brew Network safe and reliable?

We take security seriously. Here are some measures we’ve taken to protect you and your staffs/clients/customers data.

  • We don’t store credit card data on our servers. Payment processing is handled by Stripe (PCI Compliance Level 1), Payoneer and Wise.
  • We run on the robust Amazon infrastructure. Cloudflare adds an additional layer of security. We also take periodic backups and force SSL encryption across the platform.
  • We have a bug bounty program to encourage responsible reporting of any security issues, and we’re quick to take action.
Do I need anything else to get started?

Before we can activate your Automation Membership you will have to:

1.) Download Brew Network mobile app to your smartphone.

2.) Create an account.

3.) Click ‘Settings’ in top right corner and make sure you have added a Company Logo or profile picture and all details are correct.

4.) Click ‘Payment Details’ and add a valid credit card.

5.) Choose a membership option, set up Payment with Stripe.

6.) Follow the instructions on our website after Successful payment with Stripe.


Who are you guys?

Developed here in Perth, Western Australia, by members of the Cleaver Street Coworking Studio, the initial goal of this project was to help provide support for local venues by allowing users to send digital vouchers for products from local venues during COVID lockdowns.

Four years in we’ve made a few pivots, created a web app, new tools and continue to grow Brew Network’s community of venues and membership for our Automation Portal across Australia.

Our new goal as a fully fledged start up is to continue to build a great community, build as little as possible, solve problems for businesses with creative software solutions, reach profitability early and grow slowly.

Terms and Conditions for Brew Network
View our Terms and Conditions here, or get in touch with one of our onboarding specialists for a full copy of our Brew Network Partner Agreement.