Brew Network Automation Portal

Brew Network transforms appreciation into action, offering a seamless platform for sending coffee, wine, or beer vouchers to your teams and clients – redeemed in our community of local venues, sent directly to their phone or email.

Simple to use, effortless to manage – it’s more than a perk; its a statement that you value their contribution and relationship.

Use it to set up a weekly coffee allowance as part of your employee wellness initiative, automatically send employees a round of coffee on birthdays or make sure your top clients are thinking of you with a couple of wines at the end of the year for their local wine bar.

All automated and managed in our hassle-free online portal.

How does the Automation Portal work?

Creating a coffee allowance or automated gift for employees and clients
Brew Network Web Portal Icon

1.) Apply for a Brew Network membership and use your mobile number and 4 digit PIN to access.

Brew Network web portal sending coffees to staff

2.) Create a recurring brew for a staff member or client. Schedule a weekly or monthly coffee allowance or a gift once a year.

3.) On the schedule you’ve set, the recipient will automatically receive the voucher and your message to their smartphone or email, in the form of a convenient digital voucher.

4.) The recipient shows their redeem code in the Brew Network mobile app at a participating café, bar or restaurant and the brew is theirs!

Brew Network Business Membership

Select the subscription level to meet your company’s specific needs