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Brew Network

Use Brew Network to send digital vouchers to your friends, employees or clients for coffees, beers or wines from our community of local and independent cafes and small bars.

Our mobile app can be used stand alone or paired with our Automation Tool to automate sending to your teams and clients.

You can even use it to guide your Airbnb guests to the premier venues of our city.

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Now available from the

App Store and Google Play!

How It Works

1.) Download the Brew Network app and select a coffee, beer or wine to send to a friend.

2.) Select the recipient from your contacts, then write a personalised message to send with the brew.

3.) Your friend instantly receives a code for their free coffee, beer or wine with your message and a link to download the app.

4.) The recipient shows their redeem code in the Brew Network app at a participating cafe, bar, or restaurant and the brew is all theirs!

Use the Support Your Local feature when sending a brew to support your local cafe, bar or restaurant.

Use Brew Network To:

Reward staff members with a coffee for a job well done.
Shout a friend a few birthday drinks from their favourite bar.
Send your clients a coffee to say thanks for their business.
Shout a mate a beer after they get the last round at the bar.
Touch base with that networking contact: Swap business cards and continue the conversation with a coffee!
Brew Network App

Automation Membership

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